Pat Divilly Talks Mindset, Magic and Meditation


“in reality, if i’m doing anything more than I did yesterday, i’m winning”


Pat Divilly would make most feel like they’re underachieving. He works out 7 days a week. He’s written multiple books, has a booming business and he adventures all over the world. He smart, he’s sharp, he’s unbelievably driven. And he’s nice. Really nice, and genuine too. He’s the kind you know is rooting for you, even if you’ve just met you. When we speak he’s straight into it. A mile a minute in the best possible way. He’s brimming with energy and information to boot.

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About The Author

Siobhan is a Trainee Psychotherapist, Mental Health Advocate and Editor of crakd. She’s also embroiled in an intense love affair with eclectic interiors and colourful food.

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