The Global Community Connecting Those With Disorders, Disabilities and Chronic & Mental Illness

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“You might live far away from a doctor who specializes in what you're going through. We can be a way to get information from professionals”


The Mighty, a digital community connecting people from all over the world is just that. Mighty. Established in 2015 it is the brainchild of journalist Mike Porath. A year earlier his two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with dup15q, a rare chromosomal disorder. At the time what helped him and his wife as parents was connecting with others - sharing experiences, asking questions, listening and learning. And so it was born, to help people facing disabilities, disorders as well as chronic and mental illness.

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About The Author

Siobhan is a Trainee Psychotherapist, Mental Health Advocate and Editor of crakd. She’s also embroiled in an intense love affair with eclectic interiors and colourful food.

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