Major Advancements in Robot Therapy But What's the Fuss?


“Woebot was developed a couple of years ago by Stanford Psychologist Dr. Alison Darcy.”


One of the most popular treatments for anxiety and depression is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It’s a type of talk therapy that helps clients identify negative thought patterns and work towards more positive behaviors instead. It’s an action oriented approach to therapy, much known for it’s quick results but is often criticised for its focus on the symptoms rather than the cause. But it can provide great relief when people stick to it. The reason some people don’t is because changing the brain can be hard, really hard. It takes time, patience, money and energy but now there’s an app that can help.

Woebot was developed a couple of years ago by Stanford Psychologist Dr. Alison Darcy. It’s safe to say she’s a smart cookie and between herself and the team they have conducted over 20 years of research into how DIY CBT works and it’s proven it’s effectiveness. Woebot is an app based therapist - a fully conversational agent that delivers personalized CBT to anyone struggling with mental health issues. Woebot talks to you about your feelings and ask’s what’s going on in your life. This instant messenger app can be downloaded on a desktop or mobile device so that you can have daily conversations with the robot, who will track your mood. Woebot will then deliver CBT by teaching you about negative thought patterns that could be sabotaging your happiness through a series of games and videos. The bot is also designed to include the following features: empathic responses, tailoring (to specific mood state), goal setting, facilitating a sense of accountability, increasing motivation and engagement (by sending a personalized message regularly), and reflection (it provides weekly charts of overall mood states).

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